Monday, 14 December 2015

Why Print is More Valuable Than Digital?

If you were to print out the whole of the Internet, the stack of paper would go further than Apollo 11 travelled to the Moon. It’s a good job we don’t need to read all of that printed information. It makes the internet a lot more convenient to use as it is not printed. Also, it means that if there is a mistake, it can be corrected easier.

There are a few reasons found out from a recent study conducted by the Temple University Center for Neural Decision Making suggests that print has some significant advantages over digital content. We here at Crystal Print are going to tell you a few of those reasons.

Stimulation of emotions

Our emotions seem to be stimulated more by printed materials than they are by digital things. For the study, they used bio-metric analysis of emotional response and they found that all of the signals of emotional engagement, like sweat production, heart rate and the amount of body movement were lower with digital than print.

Desirability of the product

Desirability is a hugely significant point for e-business because it seems that some people desire products that are shown to them in printed form more than they want exactly the same product presented to them in digital, suggesting that your conversion rate is higher for print than digital.

Confidence and memory speed

The study found that people were a lot less confident remembering digital information than they were with printed material. Also, they were able to recall information from print quicker than they could from digital.

The time of engagement

From the study, they found out that people spent a shorter amount of time reading digital information than they do reading exactly the same information in print. This means that people spend longer scanning printed materials and don’t just glance at it once and move on. They actually take time to read it.

What does this mean?

In conclusion, the research conducted by Temple University Center for Neural Decision Making shows that your business has a better chance of gaining a more in-depth relationship with your customers and you can actually achieve more sales if you use printed material. If you are searching for a top quality printer in the Essex area, look no further and call on the experts here at Crystal Print! Simply give us a call today and we will show you the reasons why you should stick to printing when advertising and promoting your business!