Tuesday, 24 June 2014

June at Crystal Print

Good morning everyone, we hope you are enjoying the summer and the World Cup too! Just thought we would pop in and keep you up to date with what we have been doing!

As we are sure you are all well aware, Barleylands Showground played host to the South Essex Armed Forces Day over the weekend. This is a massive event which allows people to show their support for the Armed Forces and allows the Armed Forces themselves to showcase their skills.

The weekend saw high quality performances in the air and on the ground, which included spitfire and hurricane shows as well as the Great War Display, which everyone from Crystal Print enjoyed!

We were lucky to be involved with the event this year as we had the privilege of completing a job for a client who is heavily involved with the Benin Bronzes. The client returned the work we done to the King of Benin (Oba). Oba is a direct translation for the word “king”.

His job was to take a descendant of one of the thieves (British military operation raiding a royal palace in 1897, where most of the booty is still in the British Museum) and return the two bronzes to a descendant of the original owner (great grandsons).

The president of Nigeria wanted them himself as a show of power/hierarchical symbol but our clients job was to oversee the return to the descendant!

All in all the weekend and Barleylands was an enjoyable one, which Crystal Print had the pleasure of attending.

This is the picture of the work we completed for our client.

Essex is always a busy place to live in and over the last few weeks there has been lots going on. In terms of working matters, Crystal Print have always got something to do and more recently we have been printing Rotary funded Kids Out 2014 T-shirts for Thriftwood School Day Out, which you can see below…

We think they turned out great, and everyone seemed more than happy with how they looked!

Another project we have been working on recently which you may have seen on our Social Media pages is the new S6 cars which we completed! It’s always nice to show off the work you do and S6 are over the moon with how they are looking too!


In terms of more personal matters, we have all been doing our own things and enjoying various different activities which includes, Anitas visit to the Capital Summertime Ball over the weekend, Stewarts Water Skiing antics and Sally-Anne’s visit to the Albert Hall for a Romeo & Juliet production. Andy’s been enjoying the football in the pub, regardless of England’s early departure, and Tony has been getting up to some DIY at home, working on all those niggly jobs that build up over time!

We’ll call it a day for now and get back to work, but hopefully you have enjoyed reading our blog this Tuesday morning and we hope the rest of the week is a pleasant one for you all!