Monday, 30 March 2015

London Marathon 2015

We have spoken to loads of people recently who are entered to run in the London Marathon, and we couldn’t help but think about how great an opportunity it is for everyone involved to have their names printed on tops so that their supporters can cheer them on along the way.

You might even crop up on TV too, as the BBC will be showing every second of the Virgin London Marathon 2015 race which takes place on the 26th April this year... So, if you’re looking for sponsors, why not sell the idea of having your sponsor's company name printed on your shirt and seen by hundreds of travelling eyes as you make your way across, round, and through the London District?

Your sponsors will love you for this, especially smaller businesses who would enjoy seeing their business name, logo or information form part of your attire for the race itself.

By contacting Crystal Print we can talk to your about options for t-shirt print or possibly embroidery - if you want something a bit more hardwearing and long lasting. Maybe you are thinking of entering a whole host of marathons in the next few years and you want to make record of the races you have ran? Every time you run a race, why not have the name of the race and the date printed on a single t-shirt, which can be washed and used again every time you run a different race… We think this a great idea, and one which many runners from the Essex area have chosen to do.

You might even have a dedicated shirt for every race you run, with different sponsors and information on, as well as your name printed so everyone in the crowd can cheer you home of course! Having your own printed t-shirt or printed vest also gives you the chance to showcase the charity which you are running for and raise awareness to other people watching about who the charity is and what they do… the possibilities are almost endless.

In every circumstance, Crystal Print are able to work with you and get your t-shirt designs just right ready for the 2015 London Marathon on the 26th April.

The 2015 London Marathon Takes Place on 26th April!!

The race itself kicks off at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, and will see runners make their way down the thames and right across London for an impressive 26 miles, before finishing near St. James Park, just metres away from Buckingham Palace itself.

For more information on the Virgin 2015 London Marathon, make sure you head over to:

If you wish to make and order of printed t-shirts or vests for yourself or a group of runners, please give Crystal Print a call today on: 01277 650 661 or head over to our clothing page to gain a better understanding of how we can help you! Thanks and Good Luck to all who are running the race on the 26th April! We might even see you there,,,,

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

5 Ways To Get The Best From Your Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most effective ways to introduce people to your business. In order to ensure that they are truly effective, you will want to create business cards that people would rather keep, than throw away. Crystal Print look at the five main ways that you can achieve this, which we have discussed below:

Give The Right Details

Business cards are professional tools and therefore you should only include professional contact details for you on the card. Personal social media addresses should be avoided, although if you have a profile for your business then it is fine to include this. You should also ensure that your correct details are on the card, such as the right phone number.

Choose The Right Graphics

High definition graphics should always be used on business cards to create a good first impression. Include your logo somewhere on the card so people will associate this logo with your business when they see it. If your logo is updated at any point then you will need to get your cards re-printed so you are always giving across a consistent image.

Be Original

Your contacts probably find that they are always being handed business cards so you need to do something that will make your card stand out from the crowd. This can be an unusual image that is relevant to the industry you work in, or some copy that will make you and your business memorable.

Choose The Right Paper

You should choose high quality paper for your business cards that will be noticed as soon as you hand the card over. The cards should be a good thickness and not feel flimsy in your hand. If you have the opportunity you should feel the thickness of the paper your card will be printed on at the beginning of the process so that you know whether it suits your requirements.

Choose Quality Printing

Having your business cards professionally printed is an investment that is worth making because of the impression that they will give. All of the other hard work you do in creating your business cards will be undone if the print is of poor quality. Ideally you want to look for a company that uses technology to create high quality print that is still cost effective.

When it comes to printing, and business cards specifically, Crystal Print have all the tools and ammunition to help you succeed, producing aesthetically pleasing and creatively designed business cards that are sure to turn a few heads along the way. Contact us today on 01277 650661 and we can discuss your business card needs with you. Thanks for reading.