Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How can you use promotional products for marketing?

How can you use promotional products for marketing?

Promotional products and corporate gifts can be very effective marketing tools as they cultivate awareness of your brand when used appropriately. In an ideal world, you would conduct extensive research with marketing activity that you need to research and you need to think about the direction of marketing before you rush into it.

Why should think about using promotional items?

They will certainly provide you with the exposure that you need in the contemporary era. Eminent research which is conducted by the authoritative British Promotional Merchandise Association showed that the mean time that recipients will keep hold of a promotional bag is just under 9 months. This gives you a lot more exposure that the fleeting impression that a newspaper ad would receive.

Promotional advertising tends to go better then other forms of advertising like leaflets and flyers which are often seen as an irritation. Freebies such as pens or mugs are also less likely to be disposed if they are of use to the recipient.

Be different from your competitors, TV and press or online ads, which are great but they are not very original. You can let your creative juices flow with promotional materials.

Promotional products are less expensive than you think and are often quite cost effective than other traditional marketing methods. This is can align with almost any marketing budget.

How can you use promotional products for marketing?

Promotional products can spread the message about your brand. People love getting anything for free and if the item is appropriate, BPMA research shows that normally promotional freebies are kept for 6-9 months which can give people a reminder of your brand or services.

You can reward loyal employees, improve morale or employ a corporate gift to recognise outstanding achievements and accomplishments within your business.

Use promotional items to say thank you to your employees. Make sure that give you a customer a useful item like a branded umbrella or a desktop calendar. Instead of just sending a follow up email to a potential client that you encountered at an exhibition or trade, you could just simply send them a USB file which is full of company information or a printed pen containing your contact details so that you have information ready at hand.

You need to be creative, such as customising the message inside fortune cookies with a voucher code, competition or an announcement for a product launch. There is unlimited scope for your creativity with promotional items.

You could also use your promotional items as prizes in competitions. If you utilise your own branded goods this can generate some goodwill whilst simultaneously giving your own brand some exposure.

Selling promotional items could raise the cash you need for your charity or non profit organisation. Branded merchandise can encourage people to sign up to clubs and organisations. If you give customers an exclusive gift on sign up this may entice them to sign up to your club instead of another one.

Sell promotional items and you could raise much needed funds for your charity or non profit organisation.

The methods of distribution for your promotional products

Trade shows and exhibitions are the ideal location to give away promotional products and network with people and source potential consumers.

Mail outs are also useful and providing a pen or sticky notes with a company brochure can give customers a constant reminder of your business. Company conferences and business meetings will enable you to liaise with customers directly, so that they remember you.

You could give away products at launches or opening events to reiterate your message and maybe print an exclusive discount for their next visit or purchase.