Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Incorporating Branded Colours in Uniforms

2014 has been an amazing year for Crystal Print so far as we've made new friends, taken part in local events and developed strong relationships with local businesses who have required printed marketing materials, corporate clothing, and uniforms.

Clothing has been one of the many things which we have revolved around this year and because of this we are going to explain the importance of using branded colours in your uniforms or corporate clothing in the latest edition of our blog.

So, why is it important to use your brand colours in uniforms?

Every time you, or a member of staff, interacts with existing or potential customers, this a reinforcement of your business brand. Whether you are actually at work, out on your lunch, or travelling to or from work, you gain the opportunity to expose your brand to the people around you. This is invaluable in a world where marketing is everything and staying ahead of your competitors is crucial.

On a whole, the team within a business are the working embodiment of a business brand. As a business owner, you know your team need to look professional, but have you considered using your brand colours in your staff uniform as a way of further marketing your brand?

If no, then you should consider doing so. Using the same colours as your brand to form part of your workwear can have a number of positive effects:

  • An increased sense of staff pride.
  • Increased professionalism across the board, and improved brand recognition.
  • Customers can easily identify staff in the workplace, which can build a sense of trust.

Even if you are a sole-trader operating on your own, building a brand is still important. Wearing a uniform that reflects your brand is a good way of building trust with new customers and showing them that you are as professional and efficient as large corporate companies.


According to the University of Loyla, colour is recognised by the brain before images or words. Colours can also increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

As humans we make instant connections between colours and various different organisations, including the fire brigade, police officers and paramedics. Regardless of the environment we are in, our brain will always search for colour straight away as this is the first thing we would see.
In public sectors, coloured uniform offers a way to be distinguished from the general public easily. You will always notice that nurses and shop staff will wear their own colours to separate themselves from patients and customers alike.

If you need help increasing brand awareness and you aren’t sure which route to take in terms of incorporating colour into your work uniform, please be sure to get in touch with Crystal Print today. We can talk to you about your options and if you need help with your design we can work closely with you to come up with suitable ones that will make you, your employees, and your business, look more professional.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this helps you in your quest for improved brand recognition.

Before we love you and leave you, Crystal Print would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. This will probably be our last blog post before January, because we are so busy at the moment, but if we don’t check in before then, we will see you in 2015!