Wednesday, 12 August 2015

5 Steps to Designing the Perfect Brochure

When it comes to designing an effective brochure for business marketing, Crystal Print have many years experience from working with local businesses in Essex. Below we have listed 5 of our top tips top help you design the 'perfect' brochure. Hopefully this will help you along the way, but if you still need help, you could always give us a call..... Happy reading!

Choose a software tool

Choosing the right software tool when creating your brochure is key. If you wish to design and create your own brochure you may choose to use: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress or Microsoft Publisher. If you know what you are doing this could be an easy job, before you decide what you are going to do, research these software's tools to see which one best suits your needs for your brochure.
If you feel like you don't have the ability to do this, seek help from professionals who can, this way you can still input what you require on your new brochure and get remarkable results!
Know and understand your print size.

It is a common factor when printing that businesses have trouble understanding what a design size means in relation to printing size. Try to familiarise yourself with printing sizes. For example, don't use a 110mm x 75mm design layout on a 105mm x 74mm printing paper. If you submit a print when the sizing is wrong, it is likely that you will lose your printing resolution, this means the printer may have to stretch or shrink the brochure design so that it fits the paper. Try to understand the printing sizes before its too late, as this could easily ruin your design.

Allow for bleed

The term 'bleed' can be misunderstood by many. The process of printing brochures involves printing together in sheets. The blade which cuts out each brochure is extremely accurate, however after cutting thousands of pieces, it is likely it will fluctuate slightly over the course of the printing order. In order for your brochure to be less effected, allow for bleed. To allow for bleed it is advised that you expand your brochures design to be slightly over the established boarders of the page. This means, once the page has been cut, you will have solid ink coverage from edge to edge and corner to corner. Try to design your brochure with an extra 1/8 inch coverage beyond each edge to avoid being effected by bleeding.

Using high resolution images

Poor image resolution means you have a poor quality leaflet. Having high resolution images is vital and can be the difference between someone choosing your brand over someone else. Using high resolution images in your leaflet is critical if you want your brand to step forward not only as having a professional leaflet, but as a brand in general. Nobody will take your brand seriously if you produce a leaflet with low quality images as it gives a poor first impression. By having high quality resolution images it creates a professional and the best approach possible for your brand. Using stock images are cost effective, but will not give your brochure a professional appeal. Use your own high resolution images and you won't go wrong.


Paper is available in different shapes, sizes, weights and textures. You may be unaware of all the possibilities there are with the different kinds of paper. It is important to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of paper available so that your brochure and your brand get the most out of the paper and the effects didn't paper can potentially have. For example, by using heavy paper it can create a more professional and expensive looking brochure. Not only will this make the brochure and your brand more professional, it could be more cost effective than you think.


Being original and creative with your brochure is admired massively. Having a brochure is a great chance to explore and promote your business. If you feel like you need in house printing to make the most of your brochures, give Crystal Print a call today.

Whether you need any help and advice or just some general information about our high quality brochure printing, don't hesitate to give us a call today, and one of our dedicated team members will be happy to help.