Monday, 14 September 2015

4 Things to Avoid With Leaflets

Crystal Print know how important it is to have a brilliant leaflet which stands out from the rest. However, time after time it is becoming a common occurrence that leaflets become too busy and untidy. When done correctly, leaflets are a brilliant way to promote, advertise and inform your customers, so it is important to do the job right. We have seen some excellent, and also some bad leaflet designs over our time, so we have taken the time to help and advice on how not to design your leaflet.

 1. Don’t Over Clutter

Has your business got a huge event or sale on? There’s no need to cram everything into the leaflet as it will be cluttered the reader will lose interest. Pick out the highlights and main points of your event or sale and focus on the key points. If there is a sale, there’s no need to list every single sale item, choose two or three of the important and popular items and stay focused on them. You will lose your customers attention if you have many messages coming from different areas. Stay focused to a few key points and keep your information, text and images short and sweet and minimal.

 2. Stay Consistent With Text

Having capitals or different size text can work well for key messages but it is important to make sure it flows throughout your leaflet and is consistent. Stick to using the same font, colours and sizes as much as possible, as it gives an overall better presentation of your leaflet and will work better to read. Title sizes and regular text can be of different sizes but make sure it is continually the same throughout. By having consistent text sizes and font in your leaflet, it makes the read of the leaflet a lot easier and free flowing. For the best results stick to a re-able and understandable size and font for your text, so it makes your leaflet easy and simple to read.

 3. Have a Clear Message

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to any kind of printed marketing is to keep to a clear and simple message. Make it as clear as possible for your audience and potential customers to know what your message is. Stick to one subject and avoid going into more than one subject. This way all of your customers or people reading your leaflet will have a clear understanding of what your message is. There will be no need for question, as with a leaflet that has been designed and made correctly, it will be an easy read and the correct message will be put across.

 4. Use Colours To Compliment Your Brand or Event

The colour of your leaflet has a huge impact in the printing world. Choosing the right colour is an important factor of your leaflet. The wrong choice of colour can be the do or don’t in a customer's purchase. It is best to choose your colours that compliment your brand or event, if you have a logo or website, use these colours so that all of your work is constant throughout. Dark and dull colours can give an instantly bad view of not only your leaflet but your brand too, by choosing light colours it gives the impression of a bright and cheerful event or brand. With text however, black or dark colours are often best as it makes it easier to read the text. Too much colour can also make a bad leaflet, it is difficult work to ensure your leaflet not only stands out, but keeps the reader’s attention. Having a leaflet which is based on a white background, with blues and pinks in with black text can be effective and will not only allow the colours to stand out, makes the reading a lot easier.

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