Friday, 5 February 2016

How Using Leaflets Will Increase Brand Awareness

Leaflets may look small, but they can have incredible benefits on a business. If you are in search of a cost friendly, effective form of advertising that will increase brand awareness, leaflets are by far the perfect choice. We believe that leaflets have many benefits and plus points, so much so the list is almost endless! However, in terms of increasing brand awareness you will be amazed at just how much something as simple as a leaflet has to offer. The team at Crystal Print have put our heads together to come up with the top five reasons why leaflets will help with your businesses brand awareness. We hope that they are of use to your business and you see a true improvement on your business’s customer base, profits and brand awareness.

1. Tangible

With leaflets offering a print that is there to hold and read at a time that suits the reader, it is more likely that it will result in a sale and increase brand awareness. This is due to the fact that the reader will feel no pressure into taking in the information or being interested in what is in the leaflet. By having a printed leaflet that can be touched and read through at the customer's convenience this will give the reader a relaxed and laid back approach to your services or products. Realistically, this gives you a much higher chance of moving forward to a sale and also increasing your brand awareness.

2. Affordable

Available to buy in mass amounts, having bulk leaflets printed gives you a cost friendly solution to increasing brand awareness. By having a affordable form of printing, it means you target and reach out to more people now that your branding strategy is cheaper. Here at Crystal Print our leaflet printing is available in bulk orders, giving you an amazing opportunity to save big and hit a large customer base! This will in fact increase your brand awareness more than you may realise as you are able to have more leaflets printed at a cost effective price, and therefore send out more leaflets to a larger proportion of customers.

3. Target Who You Choose

Printed advertising puts you in control of who you target, this allows you to determine where, who and when you hand out your leaflets. This will give you free reign into increasing your business and will only make your business better than it already is! You will be able to do many things with your leaflets including:
  • Hand them out in towns to passers-by
  • Leave them in shops for people to pick up on their own accord
  • Post them to houses and businesses
  • Have them inserted in local magazines and newspapers
  • Place inside packaged orders
  • Hand them out at events and exhibitions

4. Personal

If you are looking for a printed material that will not only give your customer a personal experience, but can kick start a customer relationship, leaflets are the perfect way to do this. They allow you to not only meet your potential customers face to face whilst handing out your leaflets, you can also leave a personal touch by having a box to insert their name or business. If you are interested in being totally individual with each print, you could even have their business name printed on which could be the difference in having or not having a sale. For printing material that will not only help with customer relationships but brand awareness to, Crystal Print believe that leaflets are the perfect solution.

5. Long Lasting

Your leaflet could find itself on a customer's’ fridge, draw or worktop until your services come in handy. For example, if you offer T - Shirt printing, the leaflet could be saved until they require this kind of printing. Not only are they long lasting in the sense that they can be kept, they can leave ever lasting memories for a customer if they always have your business remembered when seeking a T - Shirt printer. This will then in fact, grow your brand awareness as they know they can always count on your business, know where to find you and can even suggest your services to their friends, family or other business owners. Leaflets most definitely offer long lasting effects for not only your business’s customer base, but brand awareness too, so waste no time in having yours printed with Crystal Print today.
If you are in search of a cost friendly solution to increasing your business’s brand awareness, leaflet printing is the way forward. Having worked in the printing industry for many years, Crystal Print know that there is an array of benefits that come with leaflet printing and believe them to be extremely beneficial for any business. Make the most of your business and increase your brand awareness and choose Crystal Print for your leaflet printing today. We know you won’t be disappointed with our high quality leaflet printing, so get in touch with our team and we will cater to your every need!