Monday, 19 January 2015

Effective Ways of using Promotional products

Promotional products that have your logo and business details on them are one of the most effective forms of advertising that you can use. However, many businesses are unsure of where they should be used, or where to give them out. Below, Crystal Print have listed 10 of the best places you can use Promotional Gifts (in no particular order) to ensure your business name and logo are seen in the right places.

1. At a trade show. Whenever someone visits your stand at a trade show, ensure they do not leave empty handed by giving them some of your free products.

2. At a charity event. Sponsoring a charity event is an excellent way to get your business noticed, and your promotional products can be given away to attendees.

3. Set up a referral program. Offer a benefits package to your existing customers that recommend their friends, which can include free promotional products.

4. At local radio events. If your local radio station holds events then get in touch to see if you can attend on the day with give-aways. You may also get some free advertising on the station.

5. At your premises. If your customers visit you at your business premises then this is the ideal location to give away your products. Any FREE product is a good product right? 

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6. During mail campaigns. If you are launching a mail campaign to attract new customers, including free products can help to encourage people to use your business.

7. At networking events. At business events, products that are useful such as pens and USB drives may be more effective than just handing out business cards.

8. Products for your employees. Give free products to your employees that they are likely to use with your brand on. Whenever their family or friends see them using the product they will be reminded of your business.

9. Sales team uniforms. If you have sales teams that are often out and about, make sure that they have uniforms that display your logo.

10. Community events. Getting involved in the community can only benefit your business and these events provide an opportunity for you to give out your promotional products.

As an Essex based business with years of experience in dealing with promotional gifts and promotional products, Crystal Print are able to work closely with you to determine with products might be suitable for your business, and where best for you to use them. Get in touch with us today by calling: or head over to our Promotional Gifts page to read more about what we do and how we can help you.