Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Make the Most of Using Flyers

Flyers can add a great benefit to your marketing strategy when advertising your business. The design of your flyer holds great importance in capturing your readers attention, from the colour scheme to the information you include – you need to keep your reader interested so that they proceed to find out more about your company and what your company does.

We’ve gathered our four top tips on why you should incorporate flyers in your business’s advertising strategy.

Top Tip #1: Imagery & Design

You need to capture your audience’s attention right from the start its important to use as high-quality images as possible. The images your flyer obtains should capture the attention of the reader, pushing them to know more about your business – poor quality images may not portray your services or products in the best way. This could even impact a potential customer from even picking up your leaflet, the images you choose should be relevant to your business and showcase the services and products you choose.

Top Tip #2: Get the Message Across

An easy, recognisable message is key for drawing your reader in. Don’t waste your time or valuable flyer space on unnecessary information – try to get straight to the point of what you want your reader to know. Think of key points that will drive your reader to your business, things such as what you do, what the flyer is about, etc. Saving time on pointless content, lets you get straight to the point and gives the client a clear decision on whether they require your services.

Top Tip #3: Make your Text Informative

Although you want your flyer to read straight to the point, it’s important you are giving a clear message. Take into consideration that people need to understand what you are currently offering – what is the purpose of this flyer? Are you promoting your business? Is your company currently running any discount offers? Not only does your content need to be informative for the reader but you need to remain mindful of the end result, the style of the text portrays you as a business, think how you want to showcase your business.

Top Tip #4: Contact

Probably the most important part of the flyer, your reader has been drawn to your flyer and is interested in the service or offer you are running – but there are no contact details. The whole purpose of your flyer is to grab potential new customers, you want them to visit, call or email, you need your customer to connect with you. Your contact details should be clear and easy to read and include all the necessary information.
At the end of the day the main purpose of your flyer is to initiate a sale.

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