Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Secret Santa Gifts from Crystal Print

With Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night out of the way, the cold winter weather is here and even though it’s only November, the shops are starting to offer Christmas presents and decorations. With that said office Christmas parties are being arranged and everyone is getting in the festive spirit!

Secret Santa is a popular choice, whether it’s between a group of friends, family or the workplace. Should you be stuck or not quite sure what to get for your secret Santa, don’t worry, Crystal Print can help. We offer a range of gifts, perfect for your secret Santa, our range of custom gifts means you can create your own designs on a number of gifts!

Custom Christmas gifts

Our bespoke Christmas gifts cover a number of things, no matter the type or style of person you’re buying for, you’re bound to find something to suit your secret Santa present…
  • Canvasses
  • Mugs
  • Coasters
  • Mouse mat
  • Bag
  • Photo keyring
Canvasses are a great way to showcase special photos and can be a great centre piece somewhere in your home. Personalised mugs and coaster are another way to display a reminder of a fond moment or time and are great to use both at work or home. Another great personalised gift for the office can be a mouse mat, they can be used on your desk or at your home computer and you can include special images to remind you of special times whilst your working. When it comes to personalised bags, these are a brilliant options as they can be really useful for a number of occasions. Another popular gift which you will have seen before are photo key rings, add personality to a set of keys by adding a key ring with a fun image, a popular option is to use photos of family members.

Call Crystal Print for all of your Personalised Secret Santa Gifts!

Should you be looking for something special for your secret Santa present, look no further, Crystal Print have you covered, our business will create something special and help turn your ideas into reality. Our personalised gifts can add that special personal touch.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Christmas Card Print and Design in Essex

We know that it’s only October, but December will be here before you know it and with Christmas and the festive period fast approaching, why not take a look at new ways to help you advertise your business. At Crystal Print, we offer a range of Christmas card printing and design in the Essex area. Our cards aren’t just great for promotion, they’re also a creative way to thank your clients or other businesses, for their custom over the year.

Whether you give out Christmas cards to your clients when they make a purchase from your business or you send them through an established professional relationship. Custom Christmas cards are great way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to the right person in an effective and professional way.

At Crystal Print we offer bespoke Christmas card printing across Billericay and Essex, both on a small and large scale. They’re the perfect way to thank your closest clients or every single one, our team of professional graphic designers have the expertise, designs and styles to suit your requirements for your Christmas card.

The seasonal cards we provide will help to maintain professionalism whilst showing that you’re keen to get involved with the festivities. You’ll be able to provide a range of seasonal greetings to your clients as well as thank them for the past year and for using your business over the years. Even something as small as a card will support and maintain that effective relationship with your clients or other businesses, this can then help to create more business for yourself.

What can I include in my card print and design?

Whatever your design ideas, whether you’d like a fun Christmassy card or something more professional, our team can help turn your ideas into reality. Our cards are custom and will be designed around your requirements, from graphics to the messages on the inside. So either let your imagination run wild, or stick to something more simplistic, the choice is yours. Should you need assistance or help with the design, our team of creatives will be on hand to help. Simply call our team and we can book a design consultation to make sure that your Christmas cards reflect your requirements.

Why should I use Christmas cards for business?

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year for the majority of people, so it’s worth getting your business involved. No matter how you decide to do so, make sure you join in with the festive spirit. If you’re looking for a fun and thoughtful way to say Merry Christmas to your clients, sending a personalised Christmas card is a great idea!

Sending a custom card is only going to benefit your business and show your support towards your customers, we’ve been printing and designing cards in Essex for years and have a range of experience and skills in the area. Here’s some benefits why you should send Christmas cards out…
  • Simply but thoughtful way to thank clients
  • Promoting the festive cheer throughout the business community
  • Improving and encouraging customer relationships both new and old
  • Effective brand awareness
  • Everyone loves Christmas

Call Crystal Print for business Christmas card printing in Essex!

Should you be looking to have bespoke Christmas cards printed in Essex, look no further, Crystal Print have you covered, our business will create something special and help turn your ideas into reality. Our Christmas card printing isn’t just effective, it also adds that special personal touch. So wish your customers a Merry Christmas with a festive message.

For more information, call our team today!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Wedding Printing Checklist

As we all know, the two most stressful times you will experience in your lifetime are moving house, and your wedding day. Alongside other big events and occasions, these two are voted the two most stressful. Why? Because there’s so much to do and remember! But how does everybody else do it? 9 times out of 10, it’s down to a checklist. To assist you with the planning of your special day, we have created a wedding printing checklist with the aim that this helps everything to run smoothly.

At Crystal Print, we offer a wide range of printed wedding stationery to all of our customers who are getting married. As printers in Essex, we pride ourselves on the quality of our wedding prints, and we believe that we should be your only port of call for wedding prints in Billericay and the surrounding areas of Essex.

Wedding Prints to Remember

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and the little things often slip under the radar. This is why we’ve put together a list of wedding prints to remember, to help remind you about the things that can further improve your special day. The wedding prints to remember include:
  • Save the dates
  • Hen Party & Stag Do Invitations
  • Hen Party & Stag Do T-Shirts (a must!)
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Directions card
  • Place name cards
  • Table menus
  • Table plans
  • Guest book
  • Thank you cards
We offer a wide range of printed wedding accessories, so be sure to click here to see a full overview of our printing services. We’re sure you’ll love what you find.

Get In Touch For Quality Prints Today

If you’re looking for quality wedding prints for your special day, Crystal Print have got you covered. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries, and answer any questions that you may have regarding the wedding prints that we offer to all brides and grooms throughout Essex. Call us today if you require additional information.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Personalised Party Ideas

Thinking of holding a party? Or even a surprise celebration? If you’re thinking of hosting an event for a birthday, engagements, anniversary or weddings etc. Crystal Print have some personalised party ideas to help make sure that your big day is remembered in the best way. In this month's blog we are going to look at some personalised party ideas that will bring your event to life and maybe even a few giggles along the way!

Party Decoration Ideas

Depending upon the type of party or event you’re planning, Crystal Print have a variety of ideas and printing services to help with creating a special day. From surprise parties to birthdays, weddings to baby showers, we have a range of printing services to suit all party themes and occasions.

Make the most of your party or special occasion with personalised party goods from Crystal Print. Whether you’re interested in having personalised goods for a birthday party or wedding day, we have everything here at Crystal Print to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch. Our printing can include:

  • Invitations (wedding, birthday, christenings etc.)
  • Table menus/plans
  • Cards including Christmas Cards
  • Celebration banners
  • Save the dates
  • Personalised calendars
  • Personalised mugs and coasters
  • Personalised T shirts (ideal for stag do and hen parties)

For all of your printing needs across Essex, Crystal Print are the team to call. We provide a vast range of printing services to suit all needs, including parties and special occasions. If you’re interested in having your own personalised prints, be sure to get in touch with Crystal Print today to find out how we can help ensure your special day is celebrated in the best way possible.

Come to Crystal Print

Whether you’re planning a surprise party or a wedding day full of personalised goods, Crystal Print have the answer. Our personalised prints are always printed to the highest possible quality and are a great way to relive memories or celebrate the best moments of your life. For example, baby photos for a 21st or first photographs together for an engagement party. Your idea is our reality, so call us today to find out more on our personalised printing and come to Crystal Print for all of your printing needs. You won’t be disappointed!

Friday, 21 July 2017

How to Use Your Printing More Effectively

If you’re struggling to think of new ideas on how to use your printing more effectively, Crystal Print are coming to your rescue. Our team have years of experience and have served Essex with various printing services for some time now. Whether you’re new to the business world or simply looking for some inspiration on how to improve your advertising, we’re here to help. In this month’s blog we are going to cover a few areas and points for you to consider in order to boost your current advertising strategy.

We hope that this advice not only helps to improve your printing, but your advertising too. And as always, if you have any questions or would like to speak to our team them please do not hesitate to do so and call us today. We’ll do our best to help.

Your End Goal

The key to success in all advertising is to appreciate and consider your end goal. You could put all the money in the world to create an advertising strategy that showcases the best of the best assets in your business, but if it’s not done with the end user in mind then you’re likely to end up wasting time, money and valuable resources. In order to do things more effectively, you Crystal Print would suggest that you consider:

  • The client/end users needs
  • What do you want from the print/advertisement? Sales, calls, brand awareness etc.
  • How you wish to portray your business
  • The message you’re sending out
  • What printing format you’re working with eg. leaflets, banners, business cards etc.

For all of your printing needs across Essex and the surrounding areas, Crystal Print will be happy to help. Simply get in touch today to discuss your options for printing in Essex.

Choose Your Printer

When you’re ready to go ahead with your printing, the next step is to choose your printer. And of course, we’d suggest no other printing company than ourselves for the job. We’re dedicated to providing a professional and high quality service to all of our clients, regardless of specific requirements. Not only that, we don’t just cover Essex and the surrounding areas, but the entire UK too. So if you’re looking for a printing team that’s reliable, reputable and provides great results, come to Crystal Print and avoid disappointment. We look forward to taking your printing to the next level.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Banner Uses

Banner Uses

A banner stand is a very useful piece of marketing equipment for any business in a number of different industries. They come in a whole range of shapes and sizes and have an even bigger range of different uses. Crystal Print are also really flexible in terms of the content of the banner and so you can choose almost any design that you want. Some of the most popular ways that businesses and individuals use banner stands are listed below.

At Trade Shows

A lot of information about your business can be conveyed on a banner stand which is very useful at a trade show. You can use the banner to tell people what your business is all about and what products you have to offer. All of this information will be available to potential customers at a glance and you will be there in person to explain everything in more detail.

For Special Events

If your business has a special event coming up then you can use a banner stand to tell customers all about it. You may want to consider using an outdoor banner for this purpose which can be positioned outside where it will attract the attention of people that are passing. You could also consider the use of double sided banners which will enable you to give customers twice as much information about the event.

Providing Directions

A banner stand can be very useful for providing customers with information about where they can find the help that they are looking for. This is particularly useful if your place of business has a number of different departments. The ideal place for this type of banner stand to be located is in reception or near to the entrance of the building.

At A Wedding

Banner stands can have many different uses at a wedding. If you want something different from a photo booth then a banner stand can provide an excellent backdrop for photos which can then be looked back on as memories of the day. Banner stands can also be used as centrepieces and table decorations. If they are used in this way then they will usually have a photograph of the bride and groom on. They can also have more practical uses such as listing the guests that will be sitting at each table.

At Impulse Buying Areas

Banner stands are available that fit on the top of table and display cabinets. These can be great additions to displays that you have where items are already on sale. If the banner has a design on it that you have really thought about, then this is a great way to get the attention of your customers and to convince them to make a purchase.

For all of your banner relating needs across Essex, come to Crystal Print. Our team will be happy to help in anyway possible.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

What We’ve Been Up To Recently

Crystal Print would like to share with you all what we’ve been up to recently as we’ve been really busy. We love months like this where orders are flying out the door to be replaced with new orders as it keeps us going with our quick turnaround and high quality printing. From hen and stag do printing, to business signage, Crystal Print have the experience, skills and printing facilities to ensure a first class finish. In this blog post we are going to highlight some of the work we have been producing recently to showcase our skills and range of services. We hope that you enjoy each print!

Printing Services from Crystal Print

We are able to provide a range of printing services here at Crystal Print, one of our most popular being our t shirt printing. Use for both fun and business, our t shirt printing is perfect for anything from workwear to stag do t shirts. Whether you opt for our services for work or personal use, our quality will never change, and this is something which we pride ourselves for. Crystal Print can print high quality t shirt prints in orders of 10 or 10,000. There’s no limit for us! Once more, with every print you receive will contain the same high quality finish no matter what.

Printing Gallery

To help showcase our work from the last month or so, we have a small printing gallery to share with you. This will include business signage and t shirt printing, so with some of our prints please be ready for some humorous slogans!



Choose Crystal Print

For all of your printing needs, choose Crystal Print. Our team are experts in what we do and are always up for helping both businesses and people looking for personalised printing. Don’t worry if your printing may seem a little crude or 18+ for us to work with, we don’t mind and it always gives our printing team a laugh too!

If you’re looking to have some printing completed for your business or personal use, be it printing in the form of a leaflet or clothing, Crystal Print are here to help. Call us today to discuss your plans and a member of our team will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to achieve your goal.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Holiday T Shirts

Are You Jetting Abroad This Year?

If you’re thinking about heading away on holiday this year, we have the perfect idea to get you excited and noticed… Holiday T Shirts! Whether it’s a hen party, stag do, holiday away with friends or family holiday, our T shirt printing is the perfect way to get everyone involved. To help get all of your holiday party excited and looking forward to going away, we have a few ideas and catchy slogans on what you could get printed onto your T shirts...

We have some cool and funny ideas for your T shirt printing to suit any holiday feel, from a relaxing trip away with the family to a weekend break to celebrate a birthday or wedding. Crystal Print hope that you not only enjoy our printing ideas, but come to us for your T shirt printing needs should you like any of our ideas.

Personalised Holiday T Shirts

With all of your T shirt printing we are able to add extra details to the T shirt. From photos to love hearts, you can experiment with your design and have fun, after all you’re going on holiday! We have 10 ideas below to help you to create the perfect design for your personalised holiday T shirts. Please note, with any words that have been made italic, they are examples of names and locations to give you an idea of a holiday slogan.

Our ten ideas for your personalised holiday T shirts are:

  • Benidorm 2017
  • Sophie’s Hen Party
  • Bride To Be, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid...
  • Smith’s on Tour
  • Tom’s Stag Do
  • Team Madrid
  • What Happens in Ibiza Stays in Ibiza
  • Craig’s 40th Birthday
  • Lads / Girls on Tour
  • I Love John / Greece

Custom Made Holiday Slogan Shirts from Crystal Print

If you like our ideas for custom made holiday slogan shirts, please feel free to get in touch with our team today to discuss your order. Even if you have an idea of your own, our team will be happy to help bring it to life for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact Crystal Print today to find out more on our printing services and to get your personalised holiday T shirts. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you have a fantastic holiday!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

How Vehicle Signage Can Benefit Your Business

Why Should Businesses Use Vehicle Signs?

Vehicle signage offers great opportunities for business, from increased awareness to branding on the go. So the team at Crystal Print would like to outline a few reasons as to why and how vehicle signage can benefit your business. We have worked within this industry for many years now and have dealt with a number of business looking to advertise their business effectively. Hence why we massively push vehicle signage for businesses, both small and large. Through choosing vehicle wrapping, you are opening new doors for your business, allowing you to branch out further and grow evermore.

So why should businesses use vehicle signs? Easy, vehicle signs offer constant advertising for your business, and when done correctly they can easily stand out on the road. Stuck in traffic? ‘What on earth is that...’ there’s one simple recognition of your business, which could easily lead them to be attracted to your business, your services and even an inquiry should they require your services. We’re huge supporters of vehicle signs and believe that they can showcase your business in a very creative yet professional manner. It’s all about standing out, getting noticed and making an impact on someone’s day, and with Crystal Print we can make sure you tick all three boxes!

Benefits of Vehicle Signage

Are you thinking about getting your vehicle wrapped? This can come with various benefits. From increasing your brand reach and awareness to having a sales approach that doesn’t come across as negative or ‘pushy’ your signage will work wonders. It can be creative, entertaining, attractive or simply just your business’s branding, but all of which can push your advertising further. Some of the main benefits of vehicle signage include:

  • 24 hour advertising
  • Your van goes where you go, increased awareness
  • If you travel far daily, your business will be recognised in more places
  • The signage will pay for itself in the inquires you receive
  • Only maintenance required is a good clean!
  • No ‘pushy’ sales approach
  • Have fun, make sure your signage stands out!

What did you think? Vehicle signage is pretty cool, right? Well, if you’re thinking about getting vehicle signage for your business in Essex, choose a reliable, friendly and professional printing team. Choose Crystal Print. We have years of experience when it comes to printing and vehicle wrapping in the Essex area. We won’t disappoint and certainly won’t overcharge, as our vehicle signs start from just £85. So choose Crystal Print and call our team today on 01277 650661 to discuss how we can help you with your advertising. We look forward to talking through some innovative ideas with you.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Personalised Ideas for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of weeks away, we’d like to highlight a few of our products that we have available for personalised printing. Whether you’re going for a sentimental gift that is meaningful to your loved one, or a simple ‘I love you’ present, Crystal Print have you covered. Our team have come up with a few personalised ideas for Valentine’s Day to try and help you to both show how much your loved one means to you and give them something worth keeping. As always, if you have any questions regarding our print products or if you would like to place an order, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today to secure your personalised gift in time for Valentine’s Day.

So you’re looking for something special this Valentine’s Day to spoil your partner? Be it a personalised t shirt print to put onto a teddy bear or a large banner to pop ‘The question’, Crystal Print are here to help you. We take great pride on ourselves so no matter if you’re looking for a ‘Will you marry me?’ print or a keepsake for your partner to use at their desk at work, we’re here to make sure you receive the highest quality and at the best price. Below you can find a list of ideas to help you when choosing the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. We have tried to keep our ideas suitable for all budgets and hope that there is something within our list that is an ideal gift for your partner…

  • Canvas printing
  • Personalised keyrings
  • Banner printing for ‘The question’
  • Personalised mug
  • Teddy bear t-shirt personalised printing
  • T shirt printing for a proposal
  • Personalised bags

Now that you have a few ideas in tow for your Valentine’s Day gift, Crystal Print hope that you’re ready to place an order. To ensure that your present is printed and delivered in time we would like to ask for you to call us as soon as possible. We wouldn’t like to spoil your special day so to secure a delivery before February 14th, please call our team today to begin the process of your print. We will do our best to help you in any way possible, be it with further ideas or suggesting our popular products right now. Don’t leave your Valentine’s Day present until last minute and call Crystal Print today for a fast, high quality and meaningful gift for your loved one. We hope to hear from you very soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Importance of Work Clothing

With 2017 set to be increasing the level of professionalism in the workplace, Crystal Print would like to demonstrate an unbiased opinion when it comes to work uniform. As an employee, you may not see the difference it can make on a company to have all of their staff branded in uniformed clothing, but we have a few points to help illustrate why work uniform is a common factor in most businesses. The importance of work clothing not only indicates a higher sense of professionalism within a business, but helps form a community rather than just a place of work, as you will see in this post we have many reasons why work clothing is used within business.

You may see work clothing is a deterrent of being able to express your style or wear more comfortable clothing, but in fact the reasons behind this is much deeper. Would you be willing to spend money on a new dress or pair of trainers without seeing the product? Probably not. So not only for brand awareness does uniformed clothing help, but it helps distinguish who is actually a part of that particular business. Upon buying something for yourself in a store, you would expect to be able to point out who worked there, so that you could ask them a question if you needed to. This would mean that they would need to wear a uniform in order to be recognised.

Why Do We Wear Uniforms for Work?

For a number of reasons, work uniform is a brilliant asset to any company. From the commute to work you are showcasing the brand and showing that you’re proud to be a part of the company, to having clients come into your office or shop and they can instantly recognise you. We at Crystal Print have been printing clothing for work purposes for a number of years now and believe there to be a number of reasons why uniforms are used in business, including:

  • Everyone is presented the same and there is no one who will be left out
  • A uniforms allows clients to recognise your business
  • Work outings (events/meetings) can ensure your business is well represented
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Staff will feel that they are part of the company and worthwhile being there
  • Added professionalism to entire company
  • No reason for inappropriate / casual clothing

Now that you have clear reasons why uniforms are used from a different perspective, how do you feel about wearing them yourself? From the above points you will be able to understand that it gives a much better representation of the business and avoids any clothing that can be considered inappropriate. Crystal Print believe that work uniforms are a brilliant rule of thumb for any business as it always ensures that staff are dressed correctly and you know that the staff within your company will be proud of what they wear. All that’s left to do now is to order your work uniforms from Crystal Print!