Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Benefit Your Business With Printed Media

Benefit Your Business With Printed Media

Over the last decade or so there has been a dramatic rise of digital publishing and marketing, digital marketing has opened new marketing channels and techniques which have provided agencies with new avenues.
However, when you use both print and digital marketing tactics to compliment each other, both you and your target audience members benefit.
We’ve gathered together a few reasons why printed materials can improve your overall marketing strategy! Keep reading to find out how…

Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers help the sustainability of your brand and business, print materials can go a long way towards helping you build a loyal customer base.
For example, a loyalty card, say you where the owner of a coffee shop offering a loyalty card stating “Buy five coffees, receive a sixth one free” reinforces your customer to return when they feel as though the can receive a unique benefit they can’t get anywhere else, enforcing them to take care of their loyalty card. Although not every business needs loyalty card, but providing promotional materials is a good way to build customer loyalty, in return rewarding you with increased business.

Make it Memorable

A well put together printed media can stand out and make more of a lasting impression. Giving your audience and customers the ability to see and feel a piece of marketing material can reinforce your customers and clients to remember your business and return after a positive customer experience. Thought and time go into a print publications, making the final product more relevant for a longer period of time.

A Wider Audience

As well as reaching a key target audience, printed publications also captures the reader’s attention. People choose to read magazines or print advertisements, meaning the document is thoroughly in their hands – giving total focus. The reader isn’t multi-tasking or allowing the content to glide past them on a screen, which means the reader is engaged with the publication for longer.

An Unlimited Reach

The use of print media allows you, as a business to cover a versatile range of materials, in comparison to forms of digital media offering its essence in a one-off experience – a flat, texture less screen. Print media goes further than this and can virtually be performed on anything from business cards to leaflets to brochures - you can even print onto USB’s, mugs and even vehicles. Print media can turn anything into a billboard to promote your business, its products, services and brand.


One of the main reasons you should incorporate print media into your marketing strategy and business is to generate sales. Many businesses employ a wide range of marketing methods, including television adverts, digital adverts and print advertisements. While each advertising method has its unique benefits, studies have shown the highest return on investment of all marketing mediums.

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